free courses offered by Google

During this pandemic situation, there have been lots of online tutors, influencers, and institutions offering a variety of courses with a wide range of fees structure.

But Google offers nearly 130 courses free with certificates. It is a great opportunity in this pandemic to learn new skills and upgrade yourself to get a good job or start your freelancing career. These courses can help you to start your own startup company too.

Free Google certification courses available in a variety of topics like 

 Google free digital marketing course

  • Coding 
  • Website development 
  • Career Development
  • Machine learning 
  • Android application development 
  • Data and technology etc ……

What should you do to register for these courses and get the certificates?

That is simple you can follow the steps mentioned below to Know all about Google free courses.

  • Step one – Go to google search and type google digital garage you will get a result like this

Google Free Courses

  • Step Two -Click on the first link that is https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage
  • Step Three -After reaching the site Register yourself, then you will be able to get a google digital garage login
  • Step Four -When you complete registration you can see various courses available to learn.
  • Step five -Select the course which you needed and start learning 

Once you have completed the course you can get your certificate by passing the Evaluation.

In Google digital garage  few courses offered by google, some other courses offered by universities and companies like Coursera And all courses available in Google digital garage are free but for some courses, if you want a certificate you have to pay some amount 

All the resources available in google digitalgarage are free. Of Course, Getting a google certification is a great thing but to get a good career Don’t just focus on certification focus mainly on developing skills by learning.

Bonus for you 

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