Do you know about free courses offered by Google with certificates ?

free courses offered by Google

During this pandemic situation, there have been lots of online tutors, influencers, and institutions offering a variety of courses with a wide range of fees structure.

But Google offers nearly 130 courses free with certificates. It is a great opportunity in this pandemic to learn new skills and upgrade yourself to get a good job or start your freelancing career. These courses can help you to start your own startup company too.

Free Google certification courses available in a variety of topics like 

 Google free digital marketing course

  • Coding 
  • Website development 
  • Career Development
  • Machine learning 
  • Android application development 
  • Data and technology etc ……

What should you do to register for these courses and get the certificates?

That is simple you can follow the steps mentioned below to Know all about Google free courses.

  • Step one – Go to google search and type google digital garage you will get a result like this

Google Free Courses

  • Step Two -Click on the first link that is https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage
  • Step Three -After reaching the site Register yourself, then you will be able to get a google digital garage login
  • Step Four -When you complete registration you can see various courses available to learn.
  • Step five -Select the course which you needed and start learning 

Once you have completed the course you can get your certificate by passing the Evaluation.

In Google digital garage  few courses offered by google, some other courses offered by universities and companies like Coursera And all courses available in Google digital garage are free but for some courses, if you want a certificate you have to pay some amount 

All the resources available in google digitalgarage are free. Of Course, Getting a google certification is a great thing but to get a good career Don’t just focus on certification focus mainly on developing skills by learning.

Bonus for you 

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Best Instagram seo techniques helps to skyrocket your growth

Instagram SEO Tips Instagram is now more popular than social media giants such as facebook,Twitter or LinkedIn.So, how can you reach a lot of users sitting around, waiting to see your content and create opportunities for them to engage with your brand?

Answer is simple by Instagram SEO

 INSTAGRAM has built-in search functions that act a bit like… Google so  if you want to get found on the ‘Instagram, you need to play by its own set of SEO rules.

what are the techniques for Instagram SEO 2021?

Here are the top  Instagram SEO checklist helps you to grow your instagram.

  • Optimize your Instagram profile for search 
  • Easily Searchable Username 
  • Optimize your profile Name 
  • Instagram Bio optimization 
  • Image cation 
  • Hashtags 
  • Location Tag 
  • Alt text 
  • High Quality Images 
  • Linking post to external sites 
  • Track everything with Analytics 

Insta profile 

  • Optimize your instagram profile to get good reach.
  • Make your profile public (Business /Creative account )
  • Choose a Username That’s Simple, easy to spell ,Recognizable, and searchable .
  •  Use a colourful ,Branded Instagram Profile Picture
  • Use the Clickable link in your Bio .


You should always try to include your primary keyword in your username.If someone searches for something on Instagram, the first accounts that will show up are those with the search term in their username.As an example, let’s run a search for digital.Can you see? People who have the word “DIGITAL” in their username  appear in the search results.If your username doesn’t include your primary keyword, you should reevaluate it.


Optimise your Instagram name

Your Instagram name are the words in bold in your Instagram bio.Difference between instagram username and Name is that Instagram usernames typically contain a few words scrunched together, but Instagram names are generally spaced out .Each word in your name acts as an important keyword.So use your niche keyword in your name section along with your company name or your name .

Instagram SEO best practice

Instagram Bio and SEO

Optimising your Instagram account’s bio for search engines is one of the most important things you must do.Instagram Bio limit is 150 characters.You can use your Secondary keywords in your Bio.Secondary keywords are perfect for catching people who might not be searching for your primary keyword but could still be interested in your product.

Add emojis Include Hashtag in your bio .Use hashtags as your keywords .So that Your bio will render as html and is crawlable by search engines. Make sure you’re getting straight to the point what your brand is and what your business is about.

Image Caption 

Other perfect opportunities to get some nice, juicy, top-tier keywords on your profile are in the image captions.When Instagram creates a page for your post, it uses your caption as part of the title.So think image captions as title tags.Write Descriptive Captions .Using the right caption helps you show up in search results and catch a user’s attention.Use secondary keywords in your image caption to get more reach.

What it mean by instagram seo hashtags?

Hashtags are an integral part of Instagram, and without using them properly it’s going to be hard to get found. Treat hashtags as keywords.Using relevant, targeted hashtags on your posts and stories is  one of the great ways to get discovered by new audiences on Instagram. Adding relevant hashtags helps you to deliver your content to the right audience which helps you have good engagement. Relevant and targeted Hashtags are instagram seo keywords.

location tag

Take Geo tagging seriously while posting on instagram . Adding location to your post helps the customers to reach you easily.It helps a lot for local business and services.Many times people search for location and then for the services.

Use Alt texts

When posting photos, you should write your own Alt text for your Instagram photos!When using Alt text for your photos, Instagram photos can have a life outside of Instagram. They can appear in the search results of Google.When you give proper Alt text for your instagram photos that help the Instagram algorithm work for you, and not against you.Because of Alt text  people with visual impairments can “see” your photos.

Post high-quality images

Instagram used image recognition to find what is in your photo and recommend it to others so posting high quality images help with SEO as well.The content you publish needs to be sharp and high-quality so that the Instagram algorithm can identify what your image depicts. 

Link to your posts from external sites

If you want your individual posts to show up on Google, you need to link to them from an external site.If you run a blog or a website outside of Instagram, make sure to link to your posts in one way or another.Add Your Instagram to Your Google My Business Profile

Use Instagram Analytics

Instagram Insights are the analytics that provides relevant information about your followers and your content performance. It’s so important to keep an eye on your Insights so that you have a good understanding of your audience.

Free Instagram SEO tools 

Top Free Instagram analytics tool are 

  1. HypeAuditor
  2. Iconosquare
  3. Instagram Insights
  4. Analisa
  5. Popular Chips
  6. Klear
  7. Sylo
  8. SocialBook
  9. Pixlee
  10. Socialbakers
  11. Union Metrics
  12. Squarelovin

Avoid  black hat SEO techniques

If you’re looking to build your Instagram account the right way, avoid black hat SEO techniques .

  • Don’t buy followers.
  • Don’t steal content
  • Don’t use the same hashtag set for every single post
  • Don’t use bots to like and comment on posts.
  • Don’t follow too many accounts too fast

Final words 

Instagram SEO is not rocket science.So when you post on instagram just keep in mind that SEO is equally significant on social media as it is on websites.


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Top Ten Best Free SEO Tools

This is a list of the 10 best free SEO tools 


  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Keywords Everywhere
  5. Google Trends
  6. Ubersuggest
  7. Answer The Public
  8. Keyword Sheeter
  9. Keyword Surfer
  10. SEOquake


All you must know about Alt Text .

Alt Text  also known as alternative text or alt attribute is text.That is the written copy that appears in place of an image on a webpage if the image fails to load on a user’s screen.Search engine crawlers read the alt text value and screen readers use it to ‘describe’ the image to users who cannot see. When you hover your mouse cursor over an image. Users of the internet explorer web browser will see the ALT text in a hover caption

ALT Text that accurately describes an image. Google’s search engine results pages  deliver just as many image results as they do text-based result.

How to use Alt Text ?

When choosing alt text, focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and is in context of the content of the page. Avoid filling alt attributes with keywords (keyword stuffing) as it results in a negative user experience and may cause your site to be seen as spam.

  • write alt text for all of your images
  • The text should be kept short to maximize
  • Be accurate and equivalent
  • 100 characters max.
  • Don’t use “image of” or “picture of” – it’s a waste of your character limit.
  • Use keywords in your ALT tags
  • Don’t write ALT tags just for SEO
  • Be sure to apply alt text to site button images
  • Use empty alt tags – (NULL ALT) for spacer images on a page used only for decorative purposes
  • Don’t repeat text already on the page, making the ALT text redundant or superfluous
  • Google will count 16 words maximum as part of image ALT attribute Text

QUOTE: “When choosing alt text, focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and is in context of the content of the page. Avoid filling alt attributes with keywords (keyword stuffing) as it results in a negative user experience and may cause your site to be seen as spam.” Image Best Practices, Google, 2020